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How to Complete your Order (old w/ Green eCheck)

We are able to accept payment for our CBD products via credit card or eCheck.

Check Out With Credit Card (EMB)

We use eMerchant Broker (EMB) to accept credit card payments. To pay for your order via credit card, select the "EMB" payment method during checkout:

Check Out With eCheck (Green Money)

We use Green Money Payment Processing to accept eCheck payments. To pay for your order via eCheck, select the "Green Money" payment method during checkout.

The check out process will work just like a normal ecommerce check out process, but instead of entering you credit card info, you'll enter the routing and account number for your checking account. See below for an example of how to find your routing and account numbers and additional frequent questions about checking out with eCheck.

How Do I Find my Routing & Account Numbers?

The easiest way is to pull out your checkbook and look at a blank check. You'll locate the two numbers at the bottom of the check. You can also do a Google search for your bank's routing number if you know your bank's name. You can find your account number on your bank statement or through online banking if you don't have your checkbook handy.

  • The routing number will always be in front of the account number
  • Different banks may list the check number before the routing number
  • Routing numbers are always nine digits
  • Your account number can be different amounts of digits depending on which bank you use. Please enter all numbers including leading zeros

How do I Check Out with eCheck?

  • Green Money will be listed on the review cart page after you put in your personal details.
  • Hit the Complete Order button
  • You'll be routed to a Green Money page where you'll enter in your Routing and Account Number
  • Hit the "Accept" button
  • If you've entered in your routing and account number correctly, your order will be processed and you'll be redirected back to the Hemp Horse website.
  • If you're having trouble checking out, please call customer service at (561) 693-1777 between 9:30am-4:30pm ET Mon-Fri or email us at Info@HempHorse.Gold

Why eCheck?

Checking out with your routing and account number is just as secure are using your credit card, it's just a different way to process your purchase. Due to the new nature of consumer CBD products, banks who are traditionally very conservative are moving very slowly to offer credit card processing for CBD products. We currently can accept credit cards only through eMerchant Broker (EMB).

Is this all above board?

Absolutely! In the interest of being completely transparent with our customers you should know:

  • Our ecommerce platform is Shopify and they DO allow the sale of CBD products on their ecommerce platform.
  • Our eCheck solution is provided by Green Money. They are the oldest and most respected eCheck processor in the United States. We had to apply to be able to offer them as a payment processor including all the details on our CBD products. We have been approved by Green Money to use their eCheck solution to our customers for the purchase of our CBD products.
  • It is LEGAL to sell CBD products and mail them to you. 
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