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Lab Reports

1500mg Tincture March 10, 2020

1500mg Tincture

mg Per Package
mg Per Serving
CBDVA Non-detected Non-detected
CBDV 17.9 17.9
CBDA Non-detected Non-detected
CBGA Non-detected Non-detected
CBG 25.2 25.2
CBD 1600 1600
THTCV Non-detected Non-detected
CBN Non-detected Non-detected
d9-THC 78.1 78.1
d8-THC Non-detected Non-detected
CBL Non-detected Non-detected
CBC Non-detected Non-detected
THCA Non-detected Non-detected
Total Cannabinoids
1720 1720

d9-THC = 0.185%

  • Reported: 11/12/19
  • Metric ID: 1A400071267E6AD000005494
  • Sample ID: 19R-5136-14

These results relate solely to the sample tested. Testing conducted between the date that the sample was received and the date that the results were reported. Analyzed by HPLC-DAD at (SOP 020 & 021) at Denver Lab. Report authorized by Lab Director or designee. ASL warrants that all work performed conforms to the industry standards in effect for cannabis when services are rendered. ASL disclaims any implied warranties, except where such a disclaimer is prohibited by law, including any warrant of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


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